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Wedding Packages

Our packages are as follows:

     Five hours & under: $960.00

    Six hours: $1180.00

    Seven hours: $1500.00

    Eight hours: $1700.00

All Packages includes:
● Professional, high quality, full resolution images are provided in BOTH tiff and jpeg.
● (75) Custom designed “Thank You” cards
● Facebook posting and YouTube slide-show, if desired.As mentioned above, both Linda and I photograph throughout your wedding day to capture all of the day's special memories. Once the wedding day is over then our work just begins. We first sort through all of the images and choose those that will be provided to you. We then totally retouch all of the formal photos and significantly retouch all of the remaining images. Retouching includes color correcting and removing all harsh shadows. Then we arrange them in chronological order and placing them on flash drives for full resolution tiff and high quality jpeg images. The jpeg images may be placed on DVDs if preferred. The images are in high resolution with full printing rights granted to you with a letter provided. Images will be cropped in both 4”x 6” and 4”x 5” ratio (which is the same as 8”x10”) dimensions to present them in the most pleasing way.

Unlike most photographers we now provide all image in the TIFF format, this is significant in that with the TIFF there is no quality lost as there is with the JPEG format which compresses the image and reduces the quality, especially colors. The TIFF images are considerably larger in size, this is why we provide them on USB Flash Drives. We will also provide the images in high resolution jpeg format, in addition to the TIFF images. The JPEG images are excellent quality and may be all you would need for prints but in the long term the TIFF gives a much better image especially for enlargements over 8"x 10"s. AND, if you so desire, we will include a beautiful “teaser” gallery on Facebook and/or a YOUTUBE slide-show gallery of the wedding day.

Of course there are many variables that can affect the number of images that you will receive but generally you will receive at least 100 images for each hour that we photograph.


The images are mailed to you within four weeks of the wedding.
We require a 25% deposit and a signed contract in order to reserve your wedding date. It is due within seven days of our agreement.
The remaining amount does not become due until the wedding day is over. Images will not be sent out until receipt of payment of full. 

Once you sign the contract you cannot reduce the amount of hours agreed upon but you may add hours at any time up until/including the wedding day.

Cash, checks and PayPal online payments.

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